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​Son of Digital

Grey stallion.159cm.DOB 14/04/2010.

   Lovely correct PRE stallion, with a super pedigree. He has been backed and is ridden daily.           He has a super gentle nature and great movements. Used to traffic and dogs.

A stunning young boy for someone looking for a smaller PRE  to compete or just have as a pleasure horse.


Price 7500e

Marin Garcia branded stallion.

Grey stallion. 165cm. DOB 10.05.2009

Big moving stallion bred by Marin Garcia. This boy has a superb temperament and outstanding big movements. He is ridden walk, trot, canter and beginning to do some laterals. He has natural elevated paces and covers the ground. He will suit someone for dressage.



Price Under 8000e

​Perlino colt with a lovely nature and super movements

Perlino colt. DOB 26.04.2011.

Sweet natured, super moving Perlino colt. Colour genetics to be confirmed, but NO grey. This colt is not going to be huge in height and will mature approx 158cm, but will be perfect for someone who is not looking for a giant! He is going to make a super riding horse or stallion in a dilute colour. He moves amazingly well and is well put together. I personally love this chap . He has bloodlines from Conde Munoz, Cadenas and Paco Marti. Dont miss out on him!



Price 12000 euros

Outstanding perlino colt (EE Aa CrCr)

DOB 05.03.2012

Super perla colt with great movements, colour and type. This colt will be great for someone wanting to breed dilute colours. He has bloodlines from Paco Marti and Can Maynou.


Price Under 15000.

​Lovely PRE stallion for dressage

Bay stallion.162cm. DOB 22.01.2009. APTO

Lovely looking stallion with a great nature and very noble outlook on life.

He has a super pedigree, his sire is the Yeguada Militar stallion Jelote.

This chap is ridden daily and would be your best friend as well as a super competition horse.


                 Pelote W - 1.jpg

 He hacks out and is being ridden daily. Laterals established .

 Price SOLD

Athletic PRE stallion

Brown stallion. 163cm. DOB 27.02.2009. APTO.

Tall stallion with a lovely nature. He has a a nice pedigree, with Militar and Guardiola bloodlines.

His grandsire is Educado XI from the great Centello III.

Pescador W - 1.jpg 

This lovely boy is well ridden and has hacked out. he would be suitable for someone to do dressage on, or just a pleasure hore. he has a super temperament and good paces.

Price 7500 euros.


    ​​​Absolute class stallion with the best pedigree you can find.

Grey stallion. 167cm. DOB 08/01/2007.

This stunning boy is bred and branded by Fermin Bohorquez, his sire Nazareno has been champion of the functionality in Spain and reserve Champion of the breed. Lavandero 1.jpg

He has the best bloodlines from Bohorquez, Domecq.

Gentle nature and a super ability. Top class stud stallion and morphological horse.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, this is the horse for you.

Price POA

Rare chance to buy a son of Nero  II.

Black/brown stallion DOB 14.01.2008.

Son of the Champion of Spain Nero II.


165 cm. Superb pedigree from Moreno de la Cova.

Excellent paces for dressage and good nature.

This horse is a must for someone who wants to compete at dressage.

He will also make a superb stud stallion.

Price SOLD

 Carrying the brand of Yeguada Plaza de Armas

Bay stallion. DOB 10.01.2008

165cm, superb pedigree and branded Plaza de Armas.

Has been used as a stud stallion at Plaza de Armas and has produced some very good offspring. Superb opportunity for someone to buy a top quality proven stud stallion.

Price 15-20000 euros

Click here for more pictures.


                           armas darro 200.JPG

Spectacular high school white stallion.

Grey stallion. DOB 11.05.1999. APTO

158 cm, bloodlines from Escalera and Cardenas.

Trained in half pass,piaffe,Spanish walk,Spanish trott, pirouttes and much more. He will be a superb spectacular horse for someone.

Price 6000 euros

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 Superb young stallion with the brand of Plaza de Armas.

Grey stallion. DOB 07.01.2010.

168cm, bloodlines from Plaza de Armas, Marin Garcia.

This horse has won several medals and competed at SICAB, he was 6th in his section and and 2nd in the movements.

Price POA

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 Easy PRE Gelding.

Grey gelding. 162cm. DOB 31.12.2003. APTO

Nice and easy gelding. Very good to ride and has bloodlines

from Nobleza de Guardina.

This chap is for someone wanting a nice sized PRE gelding for dressage or pleasure riding.

Price SOLD

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Stunning dappled sweet natured boy.

Grey stallion. 158cms. DOB 07.05.2006

Dappled grey stallion with a nice pedigree. His sire is the multichampion and calificado stallion called Salinero XIII. This lad will be great fun for someone and has good movemements for dressage. He is starting piaffe and spanish walk. Lovely boy.

Price POA

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Rocking horse PRE with a great nature.

Grey stallion. 165cms. DOB 26.03.2004.

Opportunity to buy a top class PRE with training. This boy has it all, he is a nice easy ride and has been driven. He is trained piaffe, spanish walk, piroettes. His sire is the great calificado Candau stallion Uranio IV, both this boys sire and dam have won many medals is competitions in Spain.

Price 12-15000 euros

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                                         jm 03-05 heraldico y carolina 037.JPG

 Opportunity to buy a top class chestnut stallion.

Chestnut stallion. 160cms. DOB 02.01.2008 APTO

Chestnut stallion with superb movements and a good nature.

He carries the brand of Marin Garcia and is a half brother to a multichampion of Spain. Trained piaffe, passage,spanish walk with elevation in all three gaits. he has fantastic bloodlines and is a good stud stllion or dressage horse. Option to present him for his calificado grading. Sensible price.

Price 15-20000 euros

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                                        kabi (1).JPG

 Super moving stallion with calificado sire.

Grey stallion 165cm. DOB 01.01.2008.

This horse is a great mover and has fantastic lines from Lovera, his sire is calificado and his paternal granddam is also calificado. he is a great mover and is going well under saddle, with a little piaffe and passage.

Price SOLD

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                              carolina y manfredo 160.JPG


Absolute top class fantastic moving PRE.

Liver chestnut stallion.167 cm. DOB 16.04.2007.

Gold medal winning stallion with outstanding movements, type and temperament. Son of Guapo- Seni with the best pedigree with a calificado sire and grandparents. A true eyefull of a horse. Trained with a stunning piaffe and passage. This is the horse of a lifetime for morphologic competitions, breeding and dressage.


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                     carolina charleston 146.JPG

Super stunning dressage horse.

Grey stallion. 168cm. DOB 08.01.2006.

Super opportunity to purchase a PRE carrying the brand of Miguel Bohorquez! Fantastic moving horse with good training. Can perform piaffe, passage, spanish walk, and tempi changes. Super nature and a nice ride.


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                                juliane 1941.JPG

Superb buckskin stallion!

Buckskin stallion. 168cm DOB 08/05/2006

Stunning buckskin stallion with a famous brand. This boy has a fabulous pedigree, with bloodlines from Peralta and other good studs. He has a lovely nature.

With these super bloodlines and movements. This boy is ridden and is a must for any breeder wanting a nice big PRE buckskin stallion.

Price 12-15000.

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                                                  LUMINOSO PM II (4).jpg

Calificado stallion

Brown/black stallion. 165cm. DOB 13.05.2006.

Calificado stallion trained to PSG. Lovely horse with a great nature and super bloodlines from Msuay. He has already competed in Spain with success. Be the envy of your friends!

Price POA

Jeque MS.jpg 


​Spectacular bay stallion
Bay stallion. 162cm. DOB TBC.
Super flashy young stallion who is basic trained, but has a lovely nature and will be great fun ride.
He will suit someone looking to train and bring on a young Spanish horse.


                                                                  Price TBC


Perlino colt with lovely movements.

Perlino colt. DOB 30/08/2013.

Opportunity to purchase a perlino colt, no grey genes, with a nice pedigree and good movements. This boys paperwork is all done and he will be ready to go to his new home after he is weaned. Colour genetics are being processed by ANCCE.

Price SOLD


Cremello colt , RARE OPPORTUNITY!

Cremello colt. DOB 03/08/2013.

One of a kind! Cremello colt, with no grey genes,who is expected to make 165cm. Good mover with a nice pedigree. His paperwork is all done and he will be ready to go to his new home after he is weaned. Colour genetics are being processed by ANCCE.

Price SOLD



 Brother of Fuego!

Bay stallion. 160cm. DOB 02.01.2003.

Amazing stallion, bred and branded by the breeder of the great Olympic PRE Fuego. This boy is a son of the calificado stallion Uterano VII. He has a fantastic temperament and  pedigree. He has already had several foals in Spain.

This is a real opportunity to buy a top class breeding stallion with superb bloodlines.

Price 15000e




Lovely Bocado bred stallion stallion.

Grey Stallion. 162cm. DOB 18.05.2000.

Super schoolmaster for someone and an excellent breeding stallion, as he is already sired many foals in Spain.

He has a lovely nature and is an easy ride, with three good paces, trained in passage, piaffe, changes.

This boy is a very good price and one not to be missed!

Price 6-8000 euros




Grey Stallion, 172cms. DOB 22.04.1999.

Lovera branded stallion, who has sired several offspring. He is a true Spanish gentleman and has jaw dropping looks. This chap will make a super schoolmaster for you to learn all the movements on have great fun. Great bloodlines from Lovera.

Breeding and riding stallion in a great price.

Price POA



​Baroque PRE with superb looks.

Grey stallion. 160cm. DOB 25.08.2008.

Stunning young stallion with fairytail looks. This boy is ridden bacsics, walk,trot, canter and the start of laterals. He has a sweet nature, but can be a little unsettled when around other horses and calls. He is only young and has a super nature in all other ways. He has a lovely pedigree from Gaurdiola, Salvatiera and many other bocado lines.

Veiwing highly recommended for this lovely boy.



 Price TBC


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